Aboriginal, CALD & LGBTIQ Writers’ Health

In 2019 we hope to provide a professional health service by appointment for Aboriginal, CALD and LGBTIQ Writers.

Our cohort suffers from the impacts of structural discrimination within the publishing industry and in academia, leading to exclusion and marginalisation. This can affect personal and professional life but also the writing life with loss of confidence, inferiority and exhaustion from stigmatisation and from the impacts of increased labour on the physical body and mental well being. The most disturbing outcome is the loss of voice, from devaluation of work; tokenisation and its horizontal progress; censorship and mediation of our narratives; not to mention the appropriation of our unique stories by writers whose work attracts mainstream invested interest.

We consider that this problem is serious. In 2018 we lost fellow writers Candy Royalle and Ramon Loyola, both of whom struggled against the barriers of structural discrimination. There are dominant narratives and dominant poetics aligned with career pathways, agency and legitimation.

Supporting the health of our cohort highlights that coteries of privileges do exist, fostered by the exclusive prize culture and other coalitions of white heteronormative agency, government funding and industry.

As an organisation that offers publishing opportunities and advocacy, we want to provide a safe community for Aboriginal, CALD & LGBTIQ writers. We want to encourage dialogue among these groups also.

Please contact us if you have appropriate skills or if you wish to donate. We seek expressions of interest. Details to follow as this project develops; watch this space.