Mani Rao

Mani Rao is the author of eight poetry books and a trans­la­tion of the San­skrit Bha­gavad Gita (Autumn Hill Books USA 2010, Pen­guin India 2011). For links to more of her writ­ing, visit
Midas, A Casino in Vegas


Talk to me, gold­fish
Where’s Titanic? 

Fancy a gold apple it’s
greed only if you’re hungry 

Lady Luck just wants a fuck
You don’t need no PhD in Alchemy



 Oura­nos Returns

By 30, Alexan­der is not going through a phase
By 40 if Aris­to­tle is not Aris­to­tle he will never be Aristotle

The next 20 years
Open field

Around the time you need read­ing glasses and
num­bers are leaky
you run into Kronos

Under a tree

two oranges
Bit­ter or sweet?

See what’s better

When chil­dren do not know it
is their turn to love
See what’s bet­ter


Cupid and Psyche

Psyche’s in the dark but Love isn’t blind
Catches dou­ble glint of Psyche’s intent

New moon night
Mer­maid and dol­phin
In a daze
Waves tilt
Ships levitate

Ten­der exu­ber­ant
Plasms light

Psy­che sees with Cupid’s eyes